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Maintaining a Vibratory Tumbler

For your Vibratory Finishing Machine to operate efficiently and safe, you have to make sure regular inspections and maintenance are completed. Like most equipment maintenance it is a good idea to track Preventative Maintenance (PM), Corrective Maintenance, and Inspections through the use of a maintenance program. The best way to drive your maintenance program is by equipment hours as most equipment manufactures suggest certain PM’s and Inspections at hourly intervals.

Lubrication and Inspection of the Drive System

Some vibratory equipment is installed with automated lubricating system. Make sure this system is monitored to ensure correct lubrication. Another is manual lubrication. Follow your equipment lubrication schedule to ensure the proper amount and type at the correct intervals. Following the manufactures Lubrication schedule will ensure you extend the life of your equipment’s drive system. Inspect any belts, pulleys, springs, and shafts at these intervals and replace as necessary.

Compound Delivery Systems There are many different types of compound delivery systems. To extend the life of your compound delivery system it is always a good idea to flush your compound system with fresh water at the end of each operation cycle to avoid build ups and residues.

Vibratory Finishing Machine Urethane Liners

The urethane liner in a vibratory machine protects the steel shell from media wear. If the machine goes unprotected, the media will work the machine walls like it does the parts so you will want to periodically check the thickness of that liner to avoid compromising the integrity of the machine. You will want to check your lining for excessive wear and the easiest way to do this is by hammering a finishing nail through the lining to check its thickness. If the lining is less than 1/8”-1/4” thick then it time to contact your vibratory sales rep to schedule a reline.

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