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The Triboconditioning® CG Process Explained

Updated: 5 days ago

The Triboconditioning® CG process is suitable for optimized surface treatment of gears and other components of complex geometry. Triboconditioning® CG also toughens the surfaces being treated, adding strong wear reduction and enabling exchange of expensive solutions such as DLC coatings.

How it is done

Triboconditioning Wear vs Time | Precision Finishing Inc

The treatment is implemented using mass finishing machine platforms. Tooling, processing parameters and reactive process fluids are selected based on component size, shape and application demands. As the process is flexible, components of variable and complex shape can be treated. As the Triboconditioning® CG process can significantly improve the surface finish, it can be either applied as an additional final finishing operation or as a process exchanging existing finishing steps, which can lower added on-cost.

The process is offered on a supply basis from Tribonex, from Tribonex’s select treatment partners or through direct implementation at our customers’ production plants through licensing. To support implementation, Tribonex has established relationships with leading suppliers of machines and tooling.


Wear test of triboconditioning CG treated parts | Precision Finishing Inc

Triboconditioning® CG brings performance benefits in terms of increased component durability and efficiency. The Triboconditioning® CG treatment toughens the surface through introduction of compressive surface stress as well as the formation of an anti-wear tribo-chemistry in the surface. This improves system running in and brings significant protection against wear as well as reduced friction losses in a lubricated contact.

  • Strong wear reduction of treated components as well as improved running in against counter surfaces

  • Protection against micro-pitting

  • Improved component life and possibility to exchange existing coating such as DLC for cost reduction

  • Lowered friction, especially in boundary and mixed lubrication conditions

  • Enables use of low viscosity lubricants as well as low additivated oils

Triboconditioning System Example | Precision Finishing Inc

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