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The Only Pneumatically Operated, Pressure-Hold Metering Valve You’ll Ever Need.

GritWizard Abrasive Metering Valve 

Precision Finishing | GritWizard abrasive metering valve


Inconsistent media flow destroys your productivity. Not with the GritWizard. It has:

Precision Metering—Optimal media flow ensures a consistent surface finish while maximizing productivity.

Adjustments While Blasting—Adjust media flow while valve is actuated. Stop wasting media and time. 


Every job is different. But the GritWizard handles all jobs. Use it with:

Pressure-Hold and Pressure-Release Systems—Portable pots. Bulk pots. Multiple-outlet blast machines. Blast cabinets. Automated cabinets. Blast rooms.

All Common Media—From ALOX to glass bead and everything in between. No need to stock multiple valves and spares. You only need the GritWizard for all common media and applications.


Installing, maintaining, and repairing valves in the field is a pain. Not with the GritWizard. It is designed for:

Easy Installation—Less time setting up means more time blasting.

Simple Maintenance and Repairs—60% fewer wear components. 60% less complexity for you. 


You need equipment that keeps you in the field and out of the shop.

The GritWizard Lasts up to 12 Times Longer—Every second you’re not blasting you’re losing profit. Don’t waste money on valves that wear out and wear you down. Invest in a GritWizard—and keep on blasting. 

Innovative Design—That Makes Your Job Easier

Precision Finishing | GritWizard Valve Features

One Valve Has You Covered - You don’t need to stockpile spares or a collection of valves for different media. The GritWizard is your go-to valve for all common media types

and applications—out-of-the-box without modifications.

Precision Abrasive Metering - The adjustment knob calibrated at 20 turns per inch ensures a precise media-air ratio. The numbered gauge makes it easy to return to your preferred set point.

Plunger with Air-Assisted Close - Plunger incorporates a patent-pending, 2-point seal with an air-and-spring assisted closure mechanism that ensures a tight seal after the plunger closes, reducing internal wear in the valve.

Easy to Troubleshoot and Install Wear Parts

  1. Media shutoff valve

  2. Media cleanout

  3. 90° adjustable media tee

  4. 8 internal wear parts (not shown) 


Weight: 18 lbs

Required Clearance:

  • w/ shutoff valve: 13”

  • w/o shutoff valve: 10.5”

Air Pressure:

  • Min: 80 psi

  • Max: 175 psi 


Pressure Hold & Pressure Release

  • Blast rooms

  • Portable blast machines

  • Multiple-outlet blast machines

  • Bulk blast machines

  • Blast cabinets

  • Automated blast cabinets 

Stock Numbers

  • 31158: GritWizard Metering Valve – 1.5” w/ shutoff

  • 31171: GritWizard Metering Valve – 1.25” w/o shutoff

  • 31172: GritWizard Metering Valve – 1.25” w/ shutoff

  • 31173: GritWizard Field Retrofit Kit

  • 31174: GritWizard Service Kit – Plunger and Seat

  • 31175: GritWizard Service Kit – O-Rings and Seals

  • 31176: GritWizard Service Kit – Thrust Bearing Assembly 

Common Media

  • Coal slag

  • Garnet

  • Crushed glass

  • Steel grit

  • ALOX

  • Glass bead 


Contact us to discuss how we can optimize your abrasive blasting performance!


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