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The Goat – The Greatest Blast Nozzle of All Time

Updated: Mar 22

“...220% to 300% longer than every other abrasive blast nozzle we tested against it, thus living up to its name as “The Greatest of All Time” (G.O.A.T.)”

GOAT Nozzle - Straight Bore
GOAT Nozzle - Straight Bore

What’s the secret to its extended life, you ask?  The Goat Nozzle is manufactured using 100% binderless tungsten carbide, a proprietary manufacturing process developed in the USA that creates an ultra-dense crystalline structure (15.6 grams/cc !!!) and extends nozzle life 3 times longer than boron carbide nozzles and 2.2 times longer than “long wear” nozzles available on the market. The Goat Nozzle outperforms other nozzles in high wear, abrasive blasting applications, and anytime media such as silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, zirconia, and other high-hardness medias are specified.  

GOAT Nozzle - Wide Spray
GOAT Nozzle - Wide Spray

There are many advantages to the Goat  that abrasive blast operators boast about including:

  • Improved uniformity in nozzle wear

    • Produces higher blast uniformity processes parts in less time with less rejections

    • Better control means less ‘collateral’ abuse on the equipment, lower maintenance and spare part costs

    • Less media-to-media interaction increases media life and decreases the volume of media required 

  • Blast nozzles don’t need to be replaced as often

    • The Goat Nozzle lasts 3 times longer than boron carbide nozzles

    • The Goat Nozzle lasts 2.2 times longer than “long wear” nozzles 

  • More uptime/less maintenance means higher profitability from your abrasive blast machinery

  • Less replacement nozzles AND gun purchases equates an overall savings in inventory

Nozzle Wear Performance

As if these advantages were not enough…..The Goat Nozzle is made in the USA and is compatible with all Clemco and Empire blast guns, with expansion to other OEMs coming soon.  Cost advantages are immediately realized in processes that require blast nozzle replacement as frequently as daily or more.

**Independent testing was performed as follows - three different types of blast nozzles were used under the same controlled abrasive blasting conditions, including the same: abrasive blast machine, abrasive media, pressure, parts being blasted, etc.  The three types of nozzles tested were The Goat Nozzle, a standard boron carbide nozzle, and a “long wear” type nozzle.  In each case, the blast gun was fitted with a new #6 size blast nozzle, which has 3/8” inner diameter for media to pass.  This abrasion causes “wear”, in the form of an increased the inner nozzle diameter.  When the inner diameter of the nozzle increases to 7/16” it must be replaced.

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