Firearm Magazine Part Processing

Precision Finishing Inc. works with many companies as a provider of metal finishing processes and services. Recently, a premier heat treater in eastern PA approached Precision to help by providing the finishing services on a firearm magazine.

The manufacturer of the magazine and their heat treater was looking for a new supplier for to do the finishing work. The heat treater contacted Precision to discuss the part specifications and consulting on the project. After the initial review with the manufacturer, the heat treater, and the plating company representatives, Precision did several test sample runs in their facility to ensure that the specifications and quality standards were met. Both the customer and the heat treater were happy to sign off on the process and continue with the contract finishing right away. Due to the amount of locations needed to provide a completed part, it was noted that communication was going to be the key to a successful project.
Because Precision was in the middle of these steps, they became the “hub” of the communications. From the beginning this “hub” created a seamless procedure even the though the parts were shipped four times before it made its way back to the manufacture.
Precision has processed thousands of these parts. The program has worked well and continues to run smoothly.

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