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Reduce friction with Triboconditioning®

Updated: Apr 17

The Triboconditioning® CG, or TCG Process for short, is a mechano/chemical surface treatment process that greatly improves the frictional characteristics of intermeshing metallic surfaces. The Triboconditioning® process combines controlled contact between the surface-to-be-treated and carrier materials with the addition of bespoke formulations of Triboconditioning® chemistry to achieve an improved operational interface, both mechanically and tribologically. The chemistries are specially formulated to chemically react and diffuse into the part surface creating an anti-friction/anti-wear nano layer while simultaneously improving surface topography. This results in surfaces with improved frictional coefficients and greater operational efficiencies that result from a reduction in heat and improved wear life.

Precision Finishing Inc | TCG Process Overview
TCG Process Overview
Precision Finishing Inc | Comparison of Varying Surface Treatments vs Time
Comparison of Varying Surface Treatments vs Time

The process of diffusing tribological constituents into the parent substrate, as compared to the standard coating processes to achieve performance advantages, presents a particularly interesting disruption to the mature hard coating applications industry. This allows engineers to achieve the desired surface modifications without causing unintended damage or risking part dimensions beyond spec. It is important to note that industry standard mechanical finishing equipment is utilized in this process, making this technology very competitive for both new and existing projects while still using current machine and processing technologies.

Precision Finishing Inc | Noise Values of Differential Gears in an EV
Noise Values of Differential Gears in an EV

Benefits of Triboconditioning® vs. hard coating

  • No chipping of brittle exterior hard coatings which causes part failure/reduction in performance

  • Part tolerances remain constant because there is no growth of coating to the surface

  • Lower barrier of entry due to processing concerns with hard coating

  • Ability to use existing surface finishing equipment

  • Very effective for surfaces operating in poorly lubricated environments

  • Can be used in extremely high friction applications where hard coatings are ineffective

Prcision Finishing Inc | Mechanical-Only Vs. TCG Wear Testing
Mechanical-Only Vs. TCG Wear Testing

The key to a successful TCG program lies in the complete understanding of the current operational conditions, assessment of the improvement window, and current challenges, including: fuel economy, NVH, vibrations, wear, friction, thermal efficiency, micro pitting, and other operational variables. Overall, Triboconditioning® of complex geometries is a versatile technique that can be tailored to meet specific engineering requirements for a wide range of applications to help you reduce friction.

Whether the goal is to process parts on-site at your facility (You Do It) or outsource to an expert subcontracting operation (We Do It), we will work with you to test and engineer the ideal program to open the door to higher performing systems with this exciting surface technology.

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