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Rösler rotary vibrators can be adapted to automated processing at any time with modular auxiliary systems for loading, unloading, rinsing, drying and other "pre-" and "post-finish" operations. Sturdy and easy to operate, Rösler provides vibratory installations for a wide range of applications. A wide variety of part shapes and sizes can be finished to any kind of surface requirements.

Rosler - EC Series | Precision Finishing Inc.

Series EC

The EC rotary vibrator is the multi-functional jack of all trades among round vibrators. The reason is the ingeniously designed work container shape: A ramp designed to be only half high is ideally suited for machining and separating both small as well as large-volume or bulky work pieces; also ideal for sensitive parts.

Rosler - Euro Series | Precision Finishing Inc.

Series Euro

The Euro rotary vibrator series has the ideal system technology for automated, interlinked workflows. Equipped with a full ramp and a pneumatically activated separating flap, it can carry out automatic machining and separating in conjunction with the folding weight technology developed by Rösler.

Rosler - Series A | Precision Finihing Inc.

Series A

Together with the powerful MS/E-V magnetic separators, the A machine series represents a special performance class. It focuses on the efficient machining and separation exclusively of magnetic work pieces. The automated workflow can be adjusted and monitored via the convenient system control.

Rosler - Series R | Precision Finishing Inc.

Series R

Rotary vibrators with flat container bases can preferably machine bulky, large-volume and sensitive work pieces. The media in the working chamber takes advantage of the optimal work piece embedding. Components that require absolutely individual machining are processed without contact – separated by compartmental dividers. The work pieces are removed by the machine operator. With an optionally available base outlet flap, the machine can be completely emptied and work pieces and media can be separated externally.