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Innovation and individuality are two of the principles driving the Rösler Group forward. This also results in the constant ambition to address new and increasing customer requirements to perfection. In recent years, we have continually developed new solutions based on the individual needs of our customers. We have put together a selection of our special solutions on this page for you.

Wheel Polishing FBA 24/2 Turbo

Rosler high gloss wheel polishing package includes process technology as well as equipment, media and compounds. Why should you go through an expensive process of trial and error, if you can count on the experience and of our process specialists?
The compact wheel finishing system is ideally suited for surface grinding, smoothing and polishing small batches of high-value automotive wheels with a diameter of up to 24". Easy operation and quick media change capabilities help produce a repeatable mirror finish in just a few hours.

Rosler - Wheel Polishing Machines | Precision Finishing Inc.

Coin Processing MPA

In coin processing, Rösler has been one of the global market leaders for many years, and its well-founded know-how has formed the basis for ground-breaking developments in process and mechanical engineering - be it the cleaning of regular issue coin planchets following the annealing process or the pre- and post-treatment of galvanised coin blanks.
The fully automatic special centrifugal disc finishing unit, MPA 37.1 A/2, made of stainless steel with a processing capacity of up to 1500 kg [3308 lb] / hour - the highest in the market - has become one of the most popular machines. The drying tasks are performed by both round hot-air dryers without drying agents and linear hot-air dryers with textile covers as well as classic machinery using drying agents