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Rosler dryers are specifically designed to handle parts exiting surface finishing processes. They can be integrated into mass finishing systems and will accommodate various part sizes. All dryers include thermostat controls and easy automation features

Rotary Dryer RT... Euro

Drying and polishing with drying agents to give immaculate, shiny surfaces. The rotary dryer is filled with drying media (Supervelat), the wet components are loaded into the machine continuously, or in batch via a loading chute. Wet components travel automatically through the pre-heated drying media around the process chamber and are then separated on a polyurethane coated separation screen.

Rosler - Rotary Cob Dryers | Precision Finishing Inc.

Belt Dryer R ... BT

This range of machines is normally used for large and small components that are sensitive to damage. Heavy components or parts with many different sizes of holes are especially suited to this type of machine.