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Un Verdadero Despertar Joe Vitale Pdf Pdf


Un Verdadero Despertar Joe Vitale Pdf Pdf

For a free quote and to see what we can do for you email us or call 1-866-266-1604.The field of this invention relates to electromagnetic wave energy absorption by conductive particles to convert such energy into heat energy for use in refineries, steam generating facilities, and many other commercial processes, and to the use of electromagnetic energy absorbers for military purposes. Within the past ten years many proposals have been made for the utilization of electromagnetic energy in physical processes. For example, Rossen (U.S. Pat. No. 3,847,836) teaches that a small, electrically conducting object can be used to absorb and disperse a frequency band of microwaves. Hyatt (U.S. Pat. No. 3,917,036) discloses such an electromagnetic absorber which may comprise particles of ferrite permanently magnetized in two directions by an external magnetic field. In 1981, Harris et al. (U.S. Pat. No. 4,259,648) disclosed an electrically responsive, movable magnet having coil means for energizing the magnet to move from a one position to a second position from which it can be returned. The magnet comprises a conductive particle within a glass matrix, and the coil means also comprise a conductive particle within a glass matrix. During the past ten years it has been found that a major disadvantage of such prior art devices is that the conductive particles within the glass are very difficult to fabricate, since the particles cannot be removed, for example, by filtration or by other means, since they are embedded in the glass matrix. The attachment of the particles to the particles is so strong that the particles cannot be removed by any mechanical action, even by a hammer. A reason for this difficulty in obtaining conductive particles within a glass matrix is that the glass must be melted to form the matrix. A glass is soft and easily plasticized when melted, and can thus absorb portions of the conductive particles; also, the melted glass may remelt and bind thereto additional conductive particles. Glass may become brittle and break when the glass is thinned; therefore, the type of glass that may be used for electro-magnetic energy absorption may be limited. Moreover, the process of the instant invention provides particles which are ferromagnetic, whereas prior art devices are magnetically anisotropic and thus must be oriented with respect to a magnetic field in order to function properly. Additionally, the process of

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Un Verdadero Despertar Joe Vitale Pdf Pdf

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