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Clemco Pulsar Cabinets

Pulsar 3D

Clemco | Pulsar 3d Blast Cabinet.png


The Pulsar®-3D Suction Blast Cabinet
surface preps small workpieces and
production parts, leaving them with a
consistent finish over their entire surface.
It also reduces build lines and removes
excess powders from 3D-manufactured
prototypes and production parts. It
easily switches between different media
and fits into tight office and industrial


BNP Blast Gun: 1/8” air jet and a 5/16”
ceramic nozzle
Air Consumption: 21 CFM at 80 psi
Electrical: 115V, 1 PH, 60 Hz
Amp Draw: 8
Cabinet Work Grating: 50 lb uniform load
Footprint of Complete Unit:
40.25” W x 47” D x 67.5” H
Work Chamber: 24” W x 18” D x 19” H
Viewing Area: 16.5” W x 8.5” H

Pulsar 3d | Diagram.png


• 14ga steel construction.
• High-output, 50-watt LED light for excellent visibility.
• Flip-up, top-access door with laminated-safety-glass view window.
• Safety interlock stops blasting if door is opened.
• Height adjustable legs enable operators to work comfortably and improve their line of sight through the view window.
• Pressure gauge and pressure regulator
monitor and adjust blast pressure for different finishes.
• Moisture separator removes condensed water from air supply.
• Adjustable, industrial-quality metering valve.
• Clear media hose allows visibility of media flow.

1. Dust collector
2. Pulse reservoir
3. Reclaimer
4. Metering valve
5. Waste drum
6. Door interlock valve and actuator
7. Pilot regulator (blast pressure)
8. Foot pedal
9. BNP® Blast Gun


• Easy to operate and maintain.
• Compact, free-standing design.
• Safe for use in office and industrial environments.
• Uses most common 60-to-180 mesh media, including glass bead and aluminum oxide. Can also use S-70 to
S-230 steel shot. *Not for use with silica sand and other nonrecyclable media.

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