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Empire Media Reclaimers


Media reclamation can be one of the most critical aspects of air-blasting processes. In addition to media costs, reclaimer performance affects operating speed and quality. Failure to remove dust and fines has an adverse effect on consistency and productivity. If oversized particles are returned to the blast system, for example, clogging and/or inconsistent results often occur.


Pro-Finish reclaimers provide precise control of media recycling. These reclaimers can be adjusted to control the recovery of fine, medium or coarse working materials while removing unwanted particles from the blasting process. As a result, you enjoy reduced media costs as well as consistent, high-quality results. All Pro-Finish reclaimers deliver 99% efficiency, include a screen to prevent over-sized particles from clogging, provide an easy-open access door for quick cleaning and filling, and feature 12-gauge construction for extended service life.


All Pro-Finish media reclaimers are tunable. By adjusting a fine-tuning band on the reclaimer, the amount of air introduced into the system can be controlled to assure precise separation of functional media from dust and other unwanted debris. 

As spent media, dust and debris are pulled by air flow to the reclaimer inlet, incoming air and media spiral in a downward vortex, throwing larger particles against the outer reclaimer wall. An air stream forms an upward counter vortex through the center tube, which carries out dust while heavier particles drop into the storage hopper below for reuse. A screen catches any oversized debris. 

Dust and undersized debris are drawn from the reclaimer into the bottom of the dust collector. Sudden expansion forces heavier dust particles to the bottom. Remaining fine dust is pulled to the surface of the dust filters. Clean air can then be discharged to the work area. 

NOTE: The CFM of all Pro-Finish reclaimers is rated at nominal static working pressure of 6” water, with the exception of the 1200 CFM model, rated at 10” static pressure. Competitive units may appear to achieve higher CFM due to ratings based on inadequate working static pressure.




Our Sub-Contract finishing services are held to PPAP, ISO, FFL, MIL, SAE, and other tight industry standards. Our services include shot peening, vibratory finishing, industrial washing, accelerated surface finishing and more.


Abrasive is just as important as the equipment. Browse our selection of abrasives or speak with a sales engineer to ensure your process is producing the results intended.



If process control is critical to your operation, parts become an integral PM required to keep your process consitant and reliable. Check out our online store for quick selections and reliable delivery.

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