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Flow control is critical to many vibratory finishing processes. Reliability and functionality are paramount for processes requiring precise volumetric and percentage-based chemical treatments. Other applications include filling tanks and floor cleaning equipment; where ease, speed, and accuracy can be improved. 

Stenner Pumps | Precision Finishing Inc.

Established in 1957 in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, the Stenner Pump Company manufactures peristaltic pumps for reliable and accurate dosing of liquid solutions for: disinfection, pH adjustment, iron stain removal, animal health, corrosion and scale control and more. 

Dosatron Water Powered Metering Pumps | Precision Finishing Inc.
The world's largest non-electric, water-powered, proportional chemical dispensers and dilution equipment. Dosatron is the only company with a selection of water -powered injectors that are certified to NSF to NSF/ANSI 61 Standards

Looking for Chemistry Too?

Process chemistry is just as important as equipment, and media. Browse our selection of process chemistries designed for performance and process control. 

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