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DLYTE | The first dry electropolishing process

DLyte is a technological solution that automates, simplifies and standardizes the post-process of metal parts, improving the finishing results obtained with traditional polishing systems. Provides a solution to the most common industrial metals and alloys. The applications for DLyte finishing technology range from grinding, rounding and deburring to surface smoothing and high gloss polishing of aesthetic parts.

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DLyte offers a wide range of benefits over traditional polishing systems which drastically influences the final part’s functional performance. Metallic parts used for high-precision applications must satisfy strict geometrical tolerances and present reduced roughness at a microscopic level to ensure minimum friction, exact coupling, and high wear and failure resistance. 


These include increased corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, resistance to erosion and premature aging, excellent biocompatibility, and improved adherence of subsequent coatings, and better appearance and brightness.

Cobalt Chrome | Stainless Steel | Carbon Steel | Carbides | Nickel Alloys | Aluminium Alloys | Copper Alloys | Titanium Alloys


The DLyte process utilizes a dry electrolyte to interact surface in a selective way, layer by layer, using a media diameter larger than the roughness profile avoiding the media impact on the valleys of the surface which results in an isotropically finished surface with improved corrosion resistance, increased bearing surface, improved frictional coefficients, and improved fatigue properties. 

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“The only automated system that improves the results of hand polishing”.

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