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Screens keep out unwanted debris. Steel covers protect the interior from moisture and rain when stored outdoors overnight on job site. Poly covers keep entire machine clean and dry

Blast Machines

& Covers


Blast machine screens and covers help keep contaminants from entering the blast machine. Recessed screens keep out particles larger than 1/4-inch diameter. Steel covers fit on top of the blast machine (with or without the recessed screen in place) to keep out rain. Moisture interferes with most blast media and causes blockages in the blast machine valves and plumbing.


Steel Screen • Keeps work-site debris out of blast machine to prevent work stoppages • Allows steel cover to be used without removing screen • Durable heavy-gauge steel construction Steel Cover • Durable heavy-gauge steel construction withstands work site use • Stays in place in windy environment Poly Cover • Covers entire blast machine • Keeps machine clean and dry


The recessed steel screen fits into the concave head of the blast machine. The operator places one or more bags of abrasive onto the screen and cuts the bag(s) to allow abrasive to flow through the precisely sized holesin the screen to fill the blast machine. The recessed screen can be used with bulk abrasive loading systems. When not in use, the blast machine should be covered to prevent moisture or airborne trash from falling into the pressure vessel. The heavy poly bag cover fits over the entire blast machine to protect the pressure vessel from weather.

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