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Save Time and Labor Reduce Abrasive Costs Reduce Disposal Costs with economical, low-maintenance recovery systems for abrasive blast rooms and systems. These abrasive recovery systems are engineered for a wide range of abrasive types and applications 



Clemco Belt Abrasive Recovery - Precision Finshing

Belt Conveyor  The Clemco Belt Conveyor system is simple, reliable, and very low maintenance. The belt system can be configured as a full-area or partial-area recovery system. Spent abrasive falls to the floor and into channels covered by floor grating. Below the grating are recessed hoppers, engineered to meter the abrasive onto the belt. grit.

Clemco Flat-track Abrasive recovery - Precision Finshing

Flat-Trak® Flat-Trak® is a full area recovery system with minimal pit requirements. The Flat-Trak® recovers abrasive through a series of channels. The channels are fitted with vanes that move forward and backward. On the forward stroke, the abrasive is pushed to the next vane in line

Clem - Precision Finshingo Screw Conveyor
Screw Conveyor Clemco offers Screw recovery systems as an alternative for steel grit applications for those customers who prefer this technology. Screw floors are available in full-area and partial-area sweep-in configurations.
Clem - Precision Finshingo Screw Conveyor
Hopper (Recessed or Wall-Mounted) Normally the least expensive option for small rooms is the hopper system. The 3 x 3 is a mechanical sweep-in system installed in a recessed pit inside the room along a wall. The grating is flush with the floor level. The bucket elevator, abrasive cleaner, and blast machine are located on the other side of the wall outside the room. A wall-mounted 2 x 2 system eliminates the need for a recovery pit.

Lightweight Abrasive Systems / Pneumatic

Clemco M-section abrasive recovery | Precison Finshing Inc.
Flat-Trak | Abrasive Recovery
Sweep-in | Abrasive Recovery
Clemco Belt Abrasive Recovery - Precision Finshing




Our Sub-Contract finishing services are held to PPAP, ISO, FFL, MIL, SAE, and other tight industry standards. Our services include shot peening, vibratory finishing, industrial washing, accelerated surface finishing and more.


Our process development team will help diagnose your project or application at hand, bringing over 250+ years of combined industry experience. utilizing our finishing facilities, come experience first hand the process and equipment before delivery. 


The correct abrasive for the application is extremely critical.  Browse our selection of media and talk to about your application to hone in on the right abrasive for you.

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