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Suction blast systems designed for abrasive blasting where the air supply is limited or where low-pressure blasting is necessary to protect delicate parts or soft surfaces.

Clemco Portale Blast Gun

SG-300 Portable Suction Blast Gun with Hopper


The SG-300 system includes the hopper with abrasive metering mechanism, removable abrasive screen, 10 feet of air hose and media hose, trigger-control blast gun, air jet, and long-lasting tungsten carbide nozzle.

Perfect for • On-site glass & stone engraving • Small paint stripping jobs • Touch-up work after big jobs • Farms, welding & machine shops, and home hobbyists • Perfect for rental outlets


The SG-300 uses compressed air and abrasive to quickly clean and etch metal, masonry, glass, and other durable surfaces. You select the abrasive type, blast pressure, and nozzle size you need to create intricate works of art or just make fast work of a rusted fender.


• Uses just a fraction of the air required by an industrial pressure blast machine • Different size air jets let the SG-300 take maximum advantage of the available air supply • Metering system maintains smooth, consistent media flow • Hand-portable design goes anywhere


The operator controls blasting with a handle at the nozzle. Pressing the handle starts blasting, releasing it stops blasting. The hopper contains abrasive and meters it into the media hose. Air rushing through the suction gun’s mixing chamber draws blast media into the airstream and propels it out the nozzle.

Clemco Power Gun

• Powerful suctionblast tool

• Incredibly portable

• Ideal for touch-up work

• A ‘must-have’ tool


The Clemco Power GunTM is a suctionblast tool designed for dry abrasive blasting where the air supply is limited or the job is small. The tool is lightweight, compact and ideal where setting up a conventional pressure blast machine would be awkward or inconvenient. The Power GunTM can be used with all common media to clean or etch metal, clean masonry, etch glass, and other durable surfaces.


• Lightweight, portable, easily transportable tool • Can be used with any media container or right out of the bag • Simple setup—partially submerge suction lance into bag of abrasive • Easy to use and maintain


The tool simply connects to compressed-air and abrasive sources. The unique suction lance installed on the abrasive hose is partially submerged into a bag of media or connected to the optional media hopper. Blasting begins when the operator depresses a lever on the gun. The tool operates on the principle of induction, where vacuum is created by the compressed air rushing past the point where the abrasive hose attaches to the gun. The vacuum draws abrasive through the hose into the gun, where it mixes with compressed air. The air-abrasive mix exits the gun and strikes the surface to be blasted.

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