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Clemco Easy Load Systems eliminate the awkward, back-breaking and potentially injury-causing practice of lifting and maneuvering heavy bags of abrasive. One of five basic flexible system configurations is sure to suit your job site needs.

Systems for Expendable or Recyclable Abrasives


Application: Loading abrasive from a pile or from the loading hopper into a 6 cubic foot storage hopper.

Clemo : Abrasive Recovery

Easier Abrasive Loading


Application: Higher production jobs involving larger quantities of abrasive; loading abrasive into a 17 cubic foot capacity abrasive storage hopper for reuse or disposal; can be used with optional 6 cubic foot capacity blast machine or customer provided disposal bin.

Clemco : Abrasive Recovery

Systems for Expendable Abrasive Disposal


Application: Small jobs, simple vacuuming of accumulated abrasive into a collection container.


Application: Small jobs, simple vacuuming of accumulated abrasive into a collection container.

Clemco | Abrasive Recovery Systems

Pick - up Tools

The standard bulk pick-up tool inserts into the loading hopper or can be used independently for manual abrasive pick up. Two specialized tools are available as option: a flare-shaped tool for vacuuming abrasive from the ground or floor, and a crevice tool, designed for recovering abrasive from corners or cracks.

Clemco | Venturi Vacuum Producer
Clemco | Abrasive Recovery Tools
Clemco : 6 cu.ft. Blast Machine

Six cu ft Blast Machine

The ELS-CCB-BM-1 is supplied with a single-chamber blast machine rated at 150 psi working pressure. Model 2452 has 1- 1/4 inch piping and holds 6 cubic feet of media (600 lbs mineral abrasive). This unit is equipped with FSV abrasive metering valve and remote controls and can be ordered with any ELS system.

Clemco 6 cu.ft. Collection Hopper

Collection Container and Storage Hoppers

The scope of the job will dictate which size storage hopper is best for the application. Storage hoppers come in two standard sizes: 6 cubic feet capacity or 17 cubic feet capacity free-standing hopper mounted on adjustable legs (provides 30 to 57 inches of clearance) to be used above a disposal drum or blast machine. The 6 cubic feet collection container is for ground-level storage or collecting spent media for disposal.

Clemco : 6 cu.ft. Collection Hopper
Clemco | 17 cuft Collection Hopper

Reverse-Pulse Dust Collector

Clemco’s reverse-pulse cartridge-style dry dust collector contains dust generated during abrasive recovery or abrasive transfer—protecting workers in the vicinity and the environment. The RP dust collector helps contractors meet state and federally-mandated dust containment requirements. An allpneumatic cycle timer actuates the pulse cleaning of the cartridge for maximum efficiency under dust-loading conditions. The collector hopper is fitted with a collar for dust-tight attachment of a bag or other dust container. A six-inch diameter manual dump valve rapidly empties the hopper. The RP collector can be fitted with optional HEPA filter for applications or environments sensitive to dust emissions.

Clemco | Portable dust collector
Clemco | Easy Load Systems
Clemco | Easy load systems
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