ADF Auger Washers are ideal for high volume operations for parts with blind holes or those that require turning, tumbling, or movement for proper cleaning of all surfaces. Auger washers are manufactured to order because part volume, size, and cycle time dictate the proper size of this equipment.

The Drawer Washer is a heavy duty washer for large parts or basket of parts. The standard turntable weight capacity is 3000 pounds and standard part height clearance is 36”. The washer is designed for crane or fork lift loading as the turntable is mounted on a carriage and comes out of the wash chamber as the door opens.

The ADF Dunker is a high quality parts washer utilizing aggressive agitation and immersion for all types of parts washing.The ADF Dunker is a high quality parts washer utilizing aggressive agitation and immersion for all types of parts washing. The aqueous solution using high quality ADF detergents provides excellent cleaning for all surfaces.

ADF Flow Through or Conveyor Washers are built for the volume and cleaning requirements of each application. They are available as single or multi-stage washers with conveyor size, speed and components designed to provide high quality cleaning.

ADF manufactures two different front load parts washers. While they have the same profile and exterior look, the major difference is the operating systems. One is a low volume/high pressure washer known as the 860 series. The other is a high volume/low pressure washer known as the 300 series.

This washer is not what it appears to be. It is not a sandblaster, but a high pressure, glove box style, parts washer. Because it is a manual type operation, it is one of the most versatile washers available. The operator simply puts the part in the washer through the side door and washes the parts by manipulating the part and the wand with his hands through the gloves.

The new Model 750 Rotary Basket Parts Washer is designed to clean parts that are best suited to being tumbled, rotated, immersed, and sprayed for proper cleaning. It offers the cleaning system needed for parts with blind holes, internal holes, cavities, threads, and those small parts that tend to nest preventing total cleaning. The hydraulic action of the fluid entering and evacuating the cavities offers excellent cleaning and rinsing

The pass through vertical door style Model 900 is one of the popular washers because it is a high production batch washer and its material handling nature. The washer comes with a roller table on both the inlet and outlet ends of the washer allowing for clean parts to be rolled out, a batch of dirty parts rolled in and the cleaning cycle started.

The next generation of parts washers is the integration of robots into cleaning operations. This may include a pick and place robot placing parts on a conveyor, a robot-operated spray nozzle cleaning a fixed part, or a robot manipulating a part over a fixed nozzle. Any combination of washing, rinsing, and drying can be combined into a cleaning cycle. 

ADF Spray Booth Parts Washers are built to order to satisfy the customer requirements for size and weight of parts to be washed. They can be single or multi-stage and in addition to washing, can be adapted for pre-paint preparation. Accessories such as oil skimmers, filtration, auto fill, and others are available.

ADF manufactures three different top load parts washers. While they have similar profile and exterior looks, there is a major difference in the operating systems. One is a low volume/high pressure washer known as the 800 series. The other two are high volume/ low pressure series known as the 160 and 200 series.

The Tumbler was designed to clean parts that need to be moved or turned for proper cleaning. This includes small screw machine type parts that have blind holes or tend to nest together and therefore must be moved to clean properly. Also small stamped parts that stick together because of oil on the parts or part configuration.


Complete your process by utilizing ADF's high quality auxiliary equipment 

The ADF Oil-Water Separator is designed to separate oils from oily water solutions. This allows extended life and the use of parts washers and coolant tanks. This unit is designed to recirculate solutions back to their reservoirs and is not intended to provide clean solutions to be sent to sewers.

The portable design allows to easy movement of the separator around the plant to share with multiple units. As the solution moves through the tank, it passes through a coalescing chamber. The oil in the water or coolant attaches to the coalescing media and floats to the top. The unique feature of this system is that you can run the pump continuously or intermittently depending on your application.

The ADF Evaporator is designed to economically reduce waste disposal quantities by evaporating water from parts washer solutions, water-soluble coolants, ink wastes, compressor, and mop water. This is an easy to use stand-alone unit which can be moved to different locations as needed.




Our Sub-Contract finishing services are held to PPAP, ISO, FFL, MIL, SAE, and other tight industry standards. Our services include shot peening, vibratory finishing, industrial washing, accelerated surface finishing and more.


Our process development team will help diagnose your project or application at hand, bringing over 250+ years of combined industry experience. utilizing our finishing facilities, come experience first hand the process and equipment before delivery. 


With 150 chemical compounds to choose from, Chemtrol Compounds is a division of Precision Finishing and manufacture aqueous compounds specifically for the mass finishing industry including washing, vibratory finishing, cleaning, and much more. 

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