Upgrading To An Ultra-Sonic Cleaning Machine

Kaydon Ring & Seal Company was having issues cleaning piston rings and other parts for an aircraft engine manufacturer. The parts were not entirely clean and some were damaged in the process. The engine parts are expensive, complex, and critical parts that must meet precise specifications.


Gary Dobbins, Manufacturing Engineering Manager from Kaydon reached out to Precision Finishing Inc. to explore a process and equipment solution to replace or upgrade their current system with an ultra-sonic cleaning machine. Bob Stansbury, Sales Engineer, long time Precision Finishing employee, was brought in to provide guidance and expertise for the situation.

After reviewing the customer’s process and issues, Stansbury put together recommendations and an equipment selection that featured a Crest Ultrasonics machine C40770-B OCI3029

crest logo

Crest Ultrasonic Machine Cropped

Kaydon provided several parts for testing and processing in the Crest machine at their facility. This also allowed Precision and Crest to review and fine-tune the finishing process which goes beyond just the equipment’s capabilities.

After the sample run was completed, the parts were inspected and the results showed a better, reliable finish by using the ultrasonic machine. Kaydon place the order for the equipment.

This consultation provided new choices with current technologies and solutions that were not available previously. The equipment comparison showed the new machine was comparable, and in many areas, better with the Crest solution.
The machine was installed, including start up and training. The customer and the machine operators are very pleased with the features of the machine.

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