Upgrading And Automating A Blast Finishing System

Flight Systems Electronics Group in Lewisberry, PA, an automotive parts remanufacturer, were using manual glass bead blast cabinets to clean their parts prior to rebuilding.  They approached Precision Finishing, their supplier of finishing processes, with the idea of automating the manual blasting.


Flight Systems knew that beyond just being an equipment distributor, Precision maintains a complete job shop that provides experience and working examples of success to help new equipment customers with their decisions.

After the initial consultation, Precision recommended an Empire 6060 RS Batch Processing machine with a continuous with rotary head.


Empire automated batch processing machine

Precision conducted sample processing at the Empire test facility. When the samples were approved, a complete production run-off was conducted at Empire with Precision and Flight Systems personnel present. The addition of this machine allowed the customer to blast all the parts they need with a lot less labor. The machine was approved and sent to Lewisberry for installation. Precision will oversee the installation and startup along with Empire.

Once the entire system is setup and running, Precision Finishing will, as it does with all of its customers, drop in periodically to make sure the system is running properly to the customer’s satisfaction.  It is this after the sale service and experience that Precision’s customers have benefited from by doing business with them.

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