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Case Study: Replacing A Suction Blasting System With A Pressure Cabinet System

The Flinchbaugh Company in Manchester, PA provides quality machined parts and job shop services to the United States military and many leading private sector manufacturers. The company desired to improve the productivity of the existing blast machine that was breaking … Continue reading

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What is Wheel Blasting?

Wheel Blasting is an airless blast operation that uses a wheel with centrifugal force to propel the abrasive against the parts. Because the wheel spins at 3600 RPM, it is a high velocity, high efficiency blasting operation with typically quick … Continue reading

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Advantages Of Using Quality Abrasives

Many times when there are problems with the blasting process it is not that the material is bad, it is just miss-applied.  Therefore it is imperative to take the time to truly understand and determine why you are blasting the … Continue reading

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Reclaim Systems – Keeping down the dust and increasing productivity

When you are blasting, does it seem to be a dust storm inside your cabinet and at times difficult to see the uniformity of your blast?   This is because your reclaim isn’t balanced correctly or you don’t have one on … Continue reading

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