Case Study: Blast Room Installation

Precision Finishing was called in to help a customer in Newport News, VA, with a Clemco preassembled blast room installation. The customer was ready to buy a different system, however they we not comfortable with the expertise being provided on the project. They had done over six months of research to determine that Precision would be the best fit for the project. Precision is a Clemco distributor and the customer worked through them to bring the blast room project to a conclusion.


The customer worked with Bob Stansbury (Sales Engineer) and Thom Bell (Vice President and Sales Manager) at Precision Finishing Inc. After several visits, it was determined the pre fab blast room would fit the bill.  The next stage was to determine if the blast room would fit in the new building they were going to rent.  Precision had Clemco design the room and dust collection system to enable that. The Clemco Blast Room comes pre-assembled and configured or custom sized specifically for the installation.


Clemco Pre-Assembled Blast Room

Clemco shipped the blast room and components.  The customer completed the hookups with help from Precision and Clemco. A Clemco factory person and Bob Stansbury went on site for testing and training.

The customer is using the blasting facility every day and has a more efficient operation. Precision continues to provide guidance as needed with frequent on-site visits and follow-up.

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