High-Volume / High-Quality Mechanical Metal Finishing In Today’s Manufacturing Landscape

Precision Finishing Inc. designed & constructed a bespoke, 40,000 sqft. finishing facility in Quakertown, PA. The facility was up and running in June 2017 with state-of-the-art equipment, processes, and capabilities from the previously constructed facility in 1955.

PFI Facility

The new building was purpose-built to support the company’s business strategy to work with customers in providing certified subcontract finishing and secondary services, as well as engineer processes, supplying finishing materials and engineering turnkey system solutions to their customers. This strategy culminates in the company’s tagline: “You Do It -or- We Do It.”

Precision Finishing00058

The production area consists of 15,000 sqft., with new and upgraded finishing equipment. The manufacturing area for the Chemtrol Industrial Compounds® product line comprises of 10,000 sqft., with warehousing/shipping area of 10,000 sqft. The offices with conference rooms and a cafeteria total 7,500 sqft for administration and customer services.

Vibe Tub

The production facility’s design increases visibility, safety, quality, and efficiency from the previous location. From manual batch processing capabilities to fully automated in-line processing equipment, the facility adheres to a strict ISO quality program ranging over extensive part types, materials, and sizes: Stampings, extrusions, weldments, additive manufactured components, castings, powdered metal components, forgings, precision machined components, drawn parts – weights parts ranging from ounces to 1000’s of lbs. in steel, aluminum, composites, copper, brass, tin, titanium, Inconel, stainless, superalloys, ceramics, and more.

“One of the keys to successful quality and volume project management is process control” comments Jeffrey Bell, Technical Process Engineer, at Precision Finishing Inc. “We continuously monitor and log equipment data points ranging from differential pressures, dust collection, amplitudes, temperatures, air quality, equipment wear and more… as well as incoming and outgoing part specifications based on several variables set in the initial process development. We continually assess the latest technologies to ensure that processes in the facility are optimized to meet proper specifications.”

Monitoring differential pressure helps determine filter health and keeps the size of the media within specification for consistent roughness values and part-to-part uniformity.

In addition to pressure monitoring, proximity sensors are used with some equipment to automatically feed abrasive when a specific amount of media is consumed, keeping a consistent grain size specification. The use of technology allows operators to focus more on part quality to lower rejection rate and increase operational efficiencies.

Control Panel

Custom designed control panels are outfitted to many of our vibratory processes. These units are fitted with variable speed controllers, timers, and PLC units for multiple step processing, rinsing, directional control, draining, and internal separation dam control.

These panels ultimately help to dial in a process for optimum processing parameters. Operators can manipulate RPM, amplitude, water levels, and dosing requirements to handle a huge array of part requirements.


Bell elaborates, “Automation is definitely not everything, and everything doesn’t need automation, however, when it makes sense, we will do what we can to make it happen. Consistency and reliability are extremely important when dealing with critical tolerancing and part quality. Many processes can benefit from some level of automation, even if it is as little as ensuring you have a good quality digital timer that won’t accidentally stick on like its analog counterparts can do.”

Precision Finishing - Compressor Room

A major key to their blast finishing operation is high quality compressed air. The system was purposefully engineered to produce pure, consistent compressed air, with numerous contaminant removal procedures before the air reaches any blast or blow off unit. Twin 100 horsepower compressors feed refrigerated air dryers that condense moisture out of the air column, reducing ambient humidity in the feed lines as well as redundant oil coalescing filters. If moisture and oil were present, blast media can bind up and can leave residue on the parts being processed.

Additionally, secondary moisture and oil coalescing units are fitted to each blast unit, doubling the redundancy ensuring clean, residue-free parts. The entire air transport is constructed with 2” diameter aluminum piping to accommodate a high volume of air flow. Aluminum piping is necessary to eliminate the threat of iron contamination from the more common black iron pipe.

Air Tank

Precision Finishing’s compressor room and two, 1,500-gallon compressed air storage tanks feed the entire facility with energy efficient utility air.

Bell explains, “With our commitment to technology and automation, we can continually focus on process improvement. Core competency is a value to many customers, so when we are performing finishing operations at such a high level of quality and consistency, to them, it can remove the threat of in-house rejections without the need to train and improve on a technology that is taking away from “what they do.” Of course, when it makes sense, capital equipment acquisition is necessary…however, when the option exists to invest in a secondary or primary operation, primary operations help grow business and bring new products to market. Finishing is our core competency, and when customers transition to subcontracting from in-house processing, they find that their part quality increases, rejection rates fall, and now have more workforce to devote to improving their core.”

“When a customer is considering outsourcing a process, and they visit our facility, it is an eye-opening experience for them.” states Bell. “From the high part production capabilities to the wide range of part sizes, finishing specifications, and cost savings, they can see value in having Precision Finishing becoming a strategic partner in their manufacturing value chain.”

Precision finishing also offers shot peening, shot blasting, spray washing, ultrasonic cleaning, inspection, packing, and facilitation of secondary operations such as heat treatment, anodizing, painting, plating, and passivation, with a regular pickup and delivery service, serving much of the surrounding areas.

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New Process Finishing Facility Open House Event

State-of-the-art Facility Features Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Factory Tours

Right on the heels of celebrating sixty years of success, Precision Finishing Inc. constructed a brand new, 40,000 sqft. facility in Quakertown, PA. The facility was up and running in June 2017 with new equipment, processes, and capabilities. The company is now ready for a celebration and is hosting an Open House and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on May 18th, 2018:

10:30 am – 6 pm Open House
1:00 pm Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Precision Finishing Inc.
1800 AM Drive
Quakertown, PA 18951

PFI New Building

The company will welcome guests and conduct company tours throughout the facility.
New building, same strategy
The new building was purpose-built to support the company’s business strategy of working with customers to establish a finishing process and sell them equipment or, provide the finishing service for the customer. This strategy culminates in the company’s tagline: “You Can Do It or We Can Do It.”

The new building more than doubles the manufacturing, warehousing, and office space from the previous Sellersville, PA location. The production area consists of 16,000 sqft., with new and upgraded finishing equipment. The manufacturing area for the Chemtrol compounds product line consists of 20,000 sqft., with warehousing/shipping area of 15,000 sqft. Two floors of offices with conference rooms and a cafeteria total 7,500 sqft. for administration and customer services.

Strategic location
The facility site is a few hundred yards from Interstate 476 in Quakertown, PA which provides easy access to ship and service anywhere in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region. Key metropolitan areas of Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, etc., are within a few hours distance. Additionally, the location compliments Checker Industries, a division of Precision Finishing that services Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Columbus regions.


Precision Finishing’s new building was designed and built by Gorski Engineering. “The entire process from site selection, plan submission, construction and move-in took about one year to complete,” states Jerry Gorski, President of Gorski Engineering. “We worked very closely with Precision to find the right building site and design a facility to incorporate the operations of LEAN manufacturing along with the environmental protection features with sewer capacity and utility calculations to ensure a highly efficient structure.”

Gorski Engineering logo

Bulter Logo

“Precision’s facility is a Butler Building.” Gorski explains, “The Butler Building system is a pre-engineered metal building produced in Annville, PA. (not far from the new Precision building site), which allows us to get the structure up and under roof quickly. All materials and components come from one source and are designed to work together so that energy efficiency is built into the system.”

Precision Finsihing Inc - New Facility-1

The pre-engineered “Butler Building” is constructed quickly while
providing energy efficiency and reducing construction waste.

LEAN process flow
The facility design incorporates many production elements to for efficiency by following LEAN process flow. Precision Finishing Inc.’s President Jeff Bell explains, “With our limited space at the old building, we were constantly moving jobs to access other jobs and could only utilize two cranes to move the product around the contract shop. The new building has created more staging area for product and increasing to four cranes, has significantly improved our process flow.”

PFI shop floorPFI facility equipment
The new facility features efficient layout and production flow.

Energy efficient air compressor system
At the heart of Precision’s facility, is a compressed air system to run multiple pieces of equipment. Bell explains the importance of the system, “Increasing our automatic blasting equipment capabilities required adding air compressor capacity. Our compressors were old without variable speed and utilized deliquescent to dry the air. With the help of C.H. Reed; in Hanover, Pa., we moved to the highly efficient 100 HP Quincy QGV variable speed rotary compressor utilizing refrigeration drying.”

The compressors incorporate the Quincy Frequency Drive which maintains a target system pressure automatically, adjusting its output to achieve the highest efficiency possible. Bell comments, “Having consistent air pressure and air quality is imperative when running automatic equipment. We always fought wet air and pressure issues with our old system and that is now a thing of the past.”


Air Tanks

Precision Finishing’s compressor room and compressed air tanks
feed the entire facility with energy efficient utility air.

Temperature controlled environment
A key component of the design and planning of the building was to provide a positive work environment for all the employees. The results of the planning show-case a work environment that has proper lighting, temperature control and a modern atmosphere throughout all parts of the facility. “Precision’s employees are a top priority.” exclaims company Vice President, Thom Bell. “We have gathered input from them, to provide the best work environment for them. The way the building is laid out, the material organization and equipment setup, all connect directly to the employee work environment. Especially with new locker rooms and a full-sized cafeteria with exterior views, it is a comfortable place to work every day.”

The new cafeteria provides an open and bright area for meals.

Waste treatment
Protecting the environment is a key focus throughout the facility and ingrained in the company’s operating philosophy. The facility design incorporates a 48 tube, 5000 gallons per day Ultra Filtration System. The system features a PLC control that enables remote monitoring of many parameters.

Waste treament

Waste treament 2

The waste treatment system removes particle sizes down to .01 microns –
the size of the smallest virus.

New capabilities
In addition to many new upgrades and systems, Precision Finishing has several new pieces of process equipment for finishing services:
• Aqueous Belt Washer: ADF 4 stage belt washer with (4) 10 HP regenerative blower air knives. The wash, rinse, and dry washer has an 18“wide belt and is 27’ long.
• Automated Belt Blasting System: A Clemco 2400 CFM continuous feed-thru conveyor, which incorporates 14 blast guns with an oscillating system which enables a part to be blasted on both sides at one time as the parts pass through the chamber via a conveyor. The system is for high volume continuous blasting.
• Direct Pressure Indexing Blast Machine: An Empire TT 36 P with six direct pressure nozzles provides the ability to apply heavy profiles that suction blast systems cannot produce.

Space for future growth
“The building was designed and located on the property for the ability to add another 30,000 sqft. for any future growth.” Jeff Bell explains, “Our goal was to create a friendly work environment, in addition to a facility which would provide us the versatility to handle any vibratory / blasting finishing project and potential value-added processes to our current offerings.”

New company location:
Precision Finishing Inc.
1800 AM Drive
Quakertown, PA 18951


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Chemtrol Industrial Compounds New Website!

On the heels of building a brand-new facility, Precision Finishing Inc. has launched a new website dedicated to industry-leading Chemtrol Industrial Compounds.

Chemtrol Logo



The website covers every application from vibratory de-burring to accelerated surface finishing. Also featured are many complimentary equipment types and options from pumps to waste treatment applications. Filled with big, bold images of before & after finishing treatments, application examples and parts-in-process using Chemtrol compounds; the new website easily navigates to a finishing product or solution.

Chemtrol homepage

Chemtrol Industrial Compounds website homepage.

The Chemtrol Product Catalog section allows the user to choose the exact application and bring up the specific product type in a shopping cart style menu. Ranging from material types of aluminum to stainless steel, product types of liquid or powder and packaging sizes in gallons, pails or drums; the selection tool navigates quickly to the solution and information needed.

Chemtrol Product Selector Collage

The Chemtrol Product Catalog selection guide drills into the application and allows
the user to create an online order while researching solutions.

Once the user has found the information and product type, an “Add To Cart” button builds an online order while continuing to research solutions. Throughout the site, many applications and products feature brochure downloads to round out the research process. With “Contact Us” forms placed liberally throughout the website, the user can drill into a specific solution and reach out for help if needed to answer questions or request additional information.

Chemtrol Contact Form Collage

Requesting information and asking questions is encourage and featured throughout the entire Chemtrol website.

The simple navigation, detailed product information and finished product example images round out the robustness of the website. By investing a minimal amount of time, the site user can select solutions, products, save information, see part processing examples, and build an online order easily without having to go to multiple websites or portals. The Chemtrol Industrial Compounds website is just one of the latest additions to the Precision Finishing portfolio of products, solutions, and capabilities.

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Replacing A Blast Machine With A Shot Peening System

Over the years, Precision Finishing Inc. has provided equipment and subcontract services for a premier heat treater in eastern Pennsylvania. Recently, the facility needed a replacement for an older, inefficient blast machine that was experiencing maintenance issues. The production supervisor, reached out to Precision to discuss the upgrades for this machinery.

Initially, Precision found a used machine through its network of contacts. However, upon more consultation with the customer, it was apparent that a future need for shot peening would be required. The used machine did not have shot peening capabilities. Precision Finishing recommended a Clemco BNP Pressure machine. This type of machine would be able to triple the production of the older machine and shot peen parts in the future.

Clemco 65 Machine
Clemco BNP 65 Pressure Blast Cabinet
For tough cleaning jobs, pressure blasting delivers higher abrasive velocity for greater impact intensity, compared to suction blasting, and can increase your production rate by as much as 300 percent.

The production supervisor was invited to run sample parts in the Clemco direct pressure machine at the Precision Finishing facility in Quakertown, PA. The sample processing provided a process that was much more efficient, cleaner, and achieved the desired finish for the parts.

The customer authorized the purchase, and within a few weeks, the machine installation and operator training were complete. By changing the type of machine from suction to direct pressure, the customer has enjoyed a much higher production rate of blasted parts. The payback in labor costs was much quicker than expected.

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Case Study: Baghouse Upgrade & Media Change

American Metaseal is a premier finishing services provider for military and commercial projects on an international level. Recently, the company needed to upgrade the Clemco baghouse in the production facility. The owner, Steve D’Alfonzo, contacted Precision Finishing Inc. for an on-site consultation to discuss replacement possibilities.

After a review by Bob Stansbury, Precision’s sales engineer they found that Clemco had discontinued selling the baghouse model currently in use. Also, the facility layout was really suited to a left-handed orientation setup. The cost to change the orientation was researched and found to be higher than anticipated. Precision worked with Clemco and the customer to find a design solution that would work. Clemco was able to incorporate the left-handed setup and keep the cost in-line with the capital equipment budget.


Additionally, the finishing processes were reviewed, and it was discovered that the silicon carbide media that was in use was too aggressive for the process and was causing rejects and part damage. PFI recommend ceramic media. After Metaseal changed to ceramic media they were able to clean the parts without damage and realized an immediate reduction in processing time. The company still uses silicon carbide for other parts and processes. The dust collector can handle all the media dust in their processes.

Shot Blast

Precision Finishing Inc. improved the processes and now the customer has a cleaner operation with a reclaimer in the dust collection system.

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Upgrading To An Ultra-Sonic Cleaning Machine

Kaydon Ring & Seal Company was having issues cleaning piston rings and other parts for an aircraft engine manufacturer. The parts were not entirely clean and some were damaged in the process. The engine parts are expensive, complex, and critical parts that must meet precise specifications.


Gary Dobbins, Manufacturing Engineering Manager from Kaydon reached out to Precision Finishing Inc. to explore a process and equipment solution to replace or upgrade their current system with an ultra-sonic cleaning machine. Bob Stansbury, Sales Engineer, long time Precision Finishing employee, was brought in to provide guidance and expertise for the situation.

After reviewing the customer’s process and issues, Stansbury put together recommendations and an equipment selection that featured a Crest Ultrasonics machine C40770-B OCI3029

crest logo

Crest Ultrasonic Machine Cropped

Kaydon provided several parts for testing and processing in the Crest machine at their facility. This also allowed Precision and Crest to review and fine-tune the finishing process which goes beyond just the equipment’s capabilities.

After the sample run was completed, the parts were inspected and the results showed a better, reliable finish by using the ultrasonic machine. Kaydon place the order for the equipment.

This consultation provided new choices with current technologies and solutions that were not available previously. The equipment comparison showed the new machine was comparable, and in many areas, better with the Crest solution.
The machine was installed, including start up and training. The customer and the machine operators are very pleased with the features of the machine.

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New Finishing Facility Under Construction

In 2015, Precision Finishing Inc. celebrated sixty years of success. The company has been on a growth path and needed to expand and upgrade the entire Sellersville, PA operation.
In 2016 the company selected a building site to start a new chapter in the company’s history.

Picture1 crop

Property under development






Picture 2 crop

Framing and Roofing


The new building will be approximately 40,000 sqft. which more than doubles the current office, manufacturing, and warehousing space in the Sellersville location.

Picture 3 crop

New Finishing Production Facility in progress

Picture 4 crop

New Office Space in the final phase of construction









The company is beginning to move currently while maintaining production and customer support from the current location. Once the move is complete the company will send out updates regarding contact and shipping information.

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Firearm Magazine Part Processing

Precision Finishing Inc. works with many companies as a provider of metal finishing processes and services. Recently, a premier heat treater in eastern PA approached Precision to help by providing the finishing services on a firearm magazine.

The manufacturer of the magazine and their heat treater was looking for a new supplier for to do the finishing work. The heat treater contacted Precision to discuss the part specifications and consulting on the project. After the initial review with the manufacturer, the heat treater, and the plating company representatives, Precision did several test sample runs in their facility to ensure that the specifications and quality standards were met. Both the customer and the heat treater were happy to sign off on the process and continue with the contract finishing right away. Due to the amount of locations needed to provide a completed part, it was noted that communication was going to be the key to a successful project.
Because Precision was in the middle of these steps, they became the “hub” of the communications. From the beginning this “hub” created a seamless procedure even the though the parts were shipped four times before it made its way back to the manufacture.
Precision has processed thousands of these parts. The program has worked well and continues to run smoothly.

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Upgrading And Automating A Blast Finishing System

Flight Systems Electronics Group in Lewisberry, PA, an automotive parts remanufacturer, were using manual glass bead blast cabinets to clean their parts prior to rebuilding.  They approached Precision Finishing, their supplier of finishing processes, with the idea of automating the manual blasting.


Flight Systems knew that beyond just being an equipment distributor, Precision maintains a complete job shop that provides experience and working examples of success to help new equipment customers with their decisions.

After the initial consultation, Precision recommended an Empire 6060 RS Batch Processing machine with a continuous with rotary head.


Empire automated batch processing machine

Precision conducted sample processing at the Empire test facility. When the samples were approved, a complete production run-off was conducted at Empire with Precision and Flight Systems personnel present. The addition of this machine allowed the customer to blast all the parts they need with a lot less labor. The machine was approved and sent to Lewisberry for installation. Precision will oversee the installation and startup along with Empire.

Once the entire system is setup and running, Precision Finishing will, as it does with all of its customers, drop in periodically to make sure the system is running properly to the customer’s satisfaction.  It is this after the sale service and experience that Precision’s customers have benefited from by doing business with them.

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Case Study: Blast Room Installation

Precision Finishing was called in to help a customer in Newport News, VA, with a Clemco preassembled blast room installation. The customer was ready to buy a different system, however they we not comfortable with the expertise being provided on the project. They had done over six months of research to determine that Precision would be the best fit for the project. Precision is a Clemco distributor and the customer worked through them to bring the blast room project to a conclusion.


The customer worked with Bob Stansbury (Sales Engineer) and Thom Bell (Vice President and Sales Manager) at Precision Finishing Inc. After several visits, it was determined the pre fab blast room would fit the bill.  The next stage was to determine if the blast room would fit in the new building they were going to rent.  Precision had Clemco design the room and dust collection system to enable that. The Clemco Blast Room comes pre-assembled and configured or custom sized specifically for the installation.


Clemco Pre-Assembled Blast Room

Clemco shipped the blast room and components.  The customer completed the hookups with help from Precision and Clemco. A Clemco factory person and Bob Stansbury went on site for testing and training.

The customer is using the blasting facility every day and has a more efficient operation. Precision continues to provide guidance as needed with frequent on-site visits and follow-up.

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