Upgrading To An Ultra-Sonic Cleaning Machine

Kaydon Ring & Seal Company was having issues cleaning piston rings and other parts for an aircraft engine manufacturer. The parts were not entirely clean and some were damaged in the process. The engine parts are expensive, complex, and critical parts that must meet precise specifications.


Gary Dobbins, Manufacturing Engineering Manager from Kaydon reached out to Precision Finishing Inc. to explore a process and equipment solution to replace or upgrade their current system with an ultra-sonic cleaning machine. Bob Stansbury, Sales Engineer, long time Precision Finishing employee, was brought in to provide guidance and expertise for the situation.

After reviewing the customer’s process and issues, Stansbury put together recommendations and an equipment selection that featured a Crest Ultrasonics machine C40770-B OCI3029

crest logo

Crest Ultrasonic Machine Cropped

Kaydon provided several parts for testing and processing in the Crest machine at their facility. This also allowed Precision and Crest to review and fine-tune the finishing process which goes beyond just the equipment’s capabilities.

After the sample run was completed, the parts were inspected and the results showed a better, reliable finish by using the ultrasonic machine. Kaydon place the order for the equipment.

This consultation provided new choices with current technologies and solutions that were not available previously. The equipment comparison showed the new machine was comparable, and in many areas, better with the Crest solution.
The machine was installed, including start up and training. The customer and the machine operators are very pleased with the features of the machine.

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New Finishing Facility Under Construction

In 2015, Precision Finishing Inc. celebrated sixty years of success. The company has been on a growth path and needed to expand and upgrade the entire Sellersville, PA operation.
In 2016 the company selected a building site to start a new chapter in the company’s history.

Picture1 crop

Property under development






Picture 2 crop

Framing and Roofing






The new building will be approximately 40,000 sqft. which more than doubles the current office, manufacturing, and warehousing space in the Sellersville location.

Picture 3 crop

New Finishing Production Facility in progress

Picture 4 crop

New Office Space in final phase of construction













The company is beginning to move currently while maintaining production and customer support from the current location. Once the move is complete the company will send out updates regarding contact and shipping information.​

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Firearm Magazine Part Processing

Precision Finishing Inc. works with many companies as a provider of metal finishing processes and services. Recently, a premier heat treater in eastern PA approached Precision to help by providing the finishing services on a firearm magazine.

The manufacturer of the magazine and their heat treater was looking for a new supplier for to do the finishing work. The heat treater contacted Precision to discuss the part specifications and consulting on the project. After the initial review with the manufacturer, the heat treater, and the plating company representatives, Precision did several test sample runs in their facility to ensure that the specifications and quality standards were met. Both the customer and the heat treater were happy to sign off on the process and continue with the contract finishing right away. Due to the amount of locations needed to provide a completed part, it was noted that communication was going to be the key to a successful project.
Because Precision was in the middle of these steps, they became the “hub” of the communications. From the beginning this “hub” created a seamless procedure even the though the parts were shipped four times before it made its way back to the manufacture.
Precision has processed thousands of these parts. The program has worked well and continues to run smoothly.

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Upgrading And Automating A Blast Finishing System

Flight Systems Electronics Group in Lewisberry, PA, an automotive parts remanufacturer, were using manual glass bead blast cabinets to clean their parts prior to rebuilding.  They approached Precision Finishing, their supplier of finishing processes, with the idea of automating the manual blasting.


Flight Systems knew that beyond just being an equipment distributor, Precision maintains a complete job shop that provides experience and working examples of success to help new equipment customers with their decisions.

After the initial consultation, Precision recommended an Empire 6060 RS Batch Processing machine with a continuous with rotary head.


Empire automated batch processing machine

Precision conducted sample processing at the Empire test facility. When the samples were approved, a complete production run-off was conducted at Empire with Precision and Flight Systems personnel present. The addition of this machine allowed the customer to blast all the parts they need with a lot less labor. The machine was approved and sent to Lewisberry for installation. Precision will oversee the installation and startup along with Empire.

Once the entire system is setup and running, Precision Finishing will, as it does with all of its customers, drop in periodically to make sure the system is running properly to the customer’s satisfaction.  It is this after the sale service and experience that Precision’s customers have benefited from by doing business with them.

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Case Study: Blast Room Installation

Precision Finishing was called in to help a customer in Newport News, VA, with a Clemco preassembled blast room installation. The customer was ready to buy a different system, however they we not comfortable with the expertise being provided on the project. They had done over six months of research to determine that Precision would be the best fit for the project. Precision is a Clemco distributor and the customer worked through them to bring the blast room project to a conclusion.


The customer worked with Bob Stansbury (Sales Engineer) and Thom Bell (Vice President and Sales Manager) at Precision Finishing Inc. After several visits, it was determined the pre fab blast room would fit the bill.  The next stage was to determine if the blast room would fit in the new building they were going to rent.  Precision had Clemco design the room and dust collection system to enable that. The Clemco Blast Room comes pre-assembled and configured or custom sized specifically for the installation.


Clemco Pre-Assembled Blast Room

Clemco shipped the blast room and components.  The customer completed the hookups with help from Precision and Clemco. A Clemco factory person and Bob Stansbury went on site for testing and training.

The customer is using the blasting facility every day and has a more efficient operation. Precision continues to provide guidance as needed with frequent on-site visits and follow-up.

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Precision Finishing Inc. Groundbreaking Event For New Facility

In 2015, Precision Finishing Inc. celebrated sixty years of success. The company has been on a growth path and needed to expand and upgrade the entire Sellersville, PA operation. The company has selected a new building site to start a new chapter in the company’s history.

A Groundbreaking event was held on July, 18th to celebrate the occasion.


Precision Finishing Inc. second & third generation family members: (left to right) Jeff Bell, Jeffrey Bell, Dean Bell and Thom Bell.

Family members breaking ground on the new facility site.

The new building site will be located at :
1800 AM Drive – Quakertown, PA 18951

The new building will be approximately 40,000 sqft. which more than doubles the current office, manufacturing, and warehousing space in the Sellersville location. The company is planning a move in time frame during the winter of 2017.

Company History:
The company started as a small Chemical company and tumbling job shop, in a chicken coop with 5 employees, in Sellersville, PA. Tumbling work of transistor radio parts for AT&T in Allentown forced founder, Jack Bell to add plating services in the sixties. Not willing to commit resources to the plating operation, emphasis was redirected to providing tumbling services and distribution of finishing equipment and supplies. Also, a recommitment to developing vibratory finishing compounds created the formation of the Chemtrol Division in the late 60’s.  These three profit centers are still the business model of the company using the mantra “You Can Do it Or We Can Do it”.  We will establish a process and sell you the equipment or we will provide the service for you.

In the 70’s the company entered into the abrasive blasting business by selling to the automobile aftermarket.  Jack purchased three vans and placed a blast cabinet in the back with a small air compressor and took blasting to the street to provide hands on demonstration of what glass beading can do.  This eventually led to full distribution of air and airless blast equipment and by the 1970’s the company had a complete resale distribution network; a 1,500sqft. job-shop and over fifteen employees. Chemtrol developed a distribution network throughout the East Coast.

Through the 80’s and 90’s the company added onto the facility with several expansions and developed new Chemtrol compounds. Six fulltime salespeople were added for complete mid-Atlantic coverage. Several auxiliary lines were picked up to complement the business mix and the supplier base was expanded to include multiple companies, solutions and equipment. Chemtrol continued the development of new compounds.

By the beginning of the 2000’s Chemtrol added more chemistry options and the ASF (Accelerated Surface Finishing) process was developed. In 2007, Precision purchased Checker Industries in Pittsburgh, PA which allowed the company to expand both its contract and resale services. The line of equipment offerings was extended and more sales people were added. The company features approx.10,000sqft. of total contract shop space.

Over the last five years additional business technology was added including tele-sales and e-commerce. In 2014 the 3rd generation of family entered into the business and now the company is moving into new purpose-built facility in 2017.

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Case Study: Part Cleaning Solutions and Chemistry

Covert Manufacturing is a woman-owned company based in Galion, Ohio, that specializes in precision machined products. As part of the finishing process, the company had been using coolant to clean parts in parts washers. While the coolant was able to get the parts clean and provide rust protection, at the same time, it created problems for the equipment.  The parts were run through the washers and the coolant was gumming up the machines.


Covert had tried other cleaning solutions, however they all left residue on the parts. Additionally, they wanted to process the parts in water at ambient temperature to save electrical costs. Covert wanted to improve the process and worked with Kathy Hanchar at Checker Industries to provide a solution. Hanchar explains “After the initial consultation, we went into our lab and developed a chemical to replace the coolant and give them the rust protection they needed to maintain the part specifications.”


The formulations were developed at Precision Finishing Inc.’s laboratory where it could be analyzed and prepared for testing. The formulae was developed and shipped to Covert for testing in their facility. Changing over to the Sprayhib 6000B took about 8hrs per wash tank. Training was provided to ensure the chemistry mix is correct for each batch.
Robin Risner from Covert Manufacturing comments, “Checker brought in a good product with a lot of knowledge on cleaning Solutions. The Sprayhib 6000B has helped us in several areas such as presenting a good cleaned, finish product, from all of our wash tanks; as well as long lasting solutions with rust inhibitors. The Sprayhib 6000B lasts longer than the product we used before.” Risner summarizes “Checker Industries provides very good customer service. We can ask them anything and they will find you an answer.”

Hanchar elaborates, “I visited Covert every three months to ensure that the process and formulae was working correctly. At one point we had to tweak the chemistry by adding a biocide to eliminate bacteria in the process.”

The results of the new chemistry provided a better finish on the parts while keeping the wash tanks operating efficiently.  After the parts are washed they are packaged and ready for shipment. The new chemistry ensures rust protection as the parts are sent to the customer for further processing.

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Case Study: Replacing A Suction Blasting System With A Pressure Cabinet System

The Flinchbaugh Company in Manchester, PA provides quality machined parts and job shop services to the United States military and many leading private sector manufacturers. The company desired to improve the productivity of the existing blast machine that was breaking down frequently.  Flinchbaugh contacted several companies to come in and review the machine as well as the production process. After many consultations, the company chose Precision Finishing to provide the solution.

The specialists at Precision identified that not only was the twenty year old machine having significant issues, it was not the ideal type of machine for the production process. “Once we completed our on-site assessment, we invited the manager and machine operators to visit our facility in Sellersville, where we ran their parts in the type of machine we thought they should have.” states Bob Stansbury, Process Specialist for Precision Finishing Inc..  “What they needed was a pressure cabinet system instead of a suction blasting system. We recommended a Clemco Mini-Blast room.”

Clemco mini blast
Clemco Mini Blast Room BNP-6012P-900 DF

During the testing phase in Precision’s facility the parts were processed completely on the Clemco machine in 30 seconds of runtime. This same process was running at 3minutes per part in the Flinchbaugh facility using the older blasting machine.  Stansbury adds “We had Flinchbaugh’s operators actually run the parts in the new machine; they were completely amazed at the speed, efficiency and ease of processing.”  From there Precision worked on the actual process and part specifications for Flinchbaugh to gain even more efficiencies in the production process. This included analyzing and making recommendations on the part size, production needs and the entire finishing process.  Productivity savings on run time has been a reduction between 35-50% consistently.

Chris Jordan from the Flinchbaugh Company comments on Precision’s approach and findings, “The team at Precision Finishing Inc. was extremely helpful in finding a solution to our production needs.” Their customer service, technical aptitude, live demonstrations showcased their complete capabilities.  The equipment purchase has added value and increased productivity by reducing our run times and providing a safe and ergonomically friendly environment for our work force.”

The final results of the entire evaluation process included a 2 ½ minute per piece processing time reduction as well as reduced wait-times in the painting department.

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Case Study: Switching from Black Beauty to Garnet Blast Media

Precision Manufacturing and Engineering is a machine shop based in Greencastle, Pa. that had a need for new blasting equipment. They contacted Bob Stansbury from Precision Finishing to analyze their Clemco blast room.

“When I arrived at the facility one of the first things I noticed was that they were using Black Beauty as their blasting media” states Stansbury. This material is not ideal, and has safety / environmental issues associated with its use. As I was watching them run the process, after five minutes of blasting with black beauty, the operator could not see what he is blasting.”

The consultation included a recommendation and estimate for a new blast machine along with a trial program using Garnet instead of Black Beauty. “During the trial, the main benefit was that the Garnet didn’t create as much dust and the operator could see what he was blasting” states Jason Summers, Operations Manager for Precision Manufacturing and Engineering.  “We decided to change over to the Garnet material and have had great success since we started the program”

Garnet Blast Media

Garnet Blast Media



Black Beauty

Black Beauty


GMA Garnet consists of totally natural almandite garnet known for its natural hardness, durability and abrasive characteristics. Garnet is free of any heavy metals or toxic components and meets all OSHA requirements. Black Beauty is coal slag.

The company immediately saw an increase in production through-put, and the finish on materials was greatly enhanced. In addition to the improved working conditions for the operator, the company realized cost savings. The Garnet material is more expensive initially, however it does not breakdown like Black Beauty and is reclaimed for use so the overall cost drops significantly.

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Vibratory Finishing Equipment Maintenance

For your Vibratory Finishing Machine to operate efficiently and safe, you have to make sure regular inspections and maintenance are completed. Like most equipment maintenance it is a good idea to track Preventative Maintenance (PM), Corrective Maintenance, and Inspections through the use of a maintenance program. The best way to drive your maintenance program is by equipment hours as most equipment manufactures suggest certain PM’s and Inspections at hourly intervals.

Lubrication and Inspection of the Drive System

Mantinance Blog-1[1]

Some vibratory equipment is installed with automated lubricating system. Make sure this system is monitored to ensure correct lubrication. Another is manual lubrication. Follow your equipment lubrication schedule to ensure the proper amount and type at the correct intervals. Following the manufactures Lubrication schedule will ensure you extend the life of your equipment’s drive system. Inspect any belts, pulleys, springs, and shafts at these intervals and replace as necessary.

Compound Delivery Systems
Mantinance Blog-2[1]

There are many different types of compound delivery systems. To extend the life of your compound delivery system it is always a good idea to flush your compound system with fresh water at the end of each operation cycle to avoid build ups and residues.


Mantinance Blog-3[1]

You will want to check your lining for excessive wear. The easiest way to do this is by
hammering a finishing nail through the lining to check its thickness. If the lining is less than 1/8”-1/4” thick then it time to contact your vibratory sales rep to schedule a reline.

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